Dr. Garraway here (She/Her/Dr.) I am a licensed clinical mental health and substance abuse psychotherapist- supervisor. I am a woman of God, an advocate, an educator, and a writer. As a human being, I know both joy and pain, and I bring all of who I am to the spaces I serve.

I am wholeheartedly committed to providing outstanding care to adults and couples. My fervor for clinical supervision and my dedication to advancing the field of counselor education drives me. Through authenticity, harmony, and empathy, I empower individuals to embark on their unique path toward fulfilling their life’s purpose.

It is our mission to help individuals strive for growth, purposeful behaviors, connectedness with others, and conscious actions, through a Humanistic approach. As part of my commitment to diversity and inclusion, I ensure that mental health and substance abuse clients can find a safe space at this practice. Your emotions deserve attention, respect, and curiosity. 

Should you decide to invest in therapy with AGC, it is an exciting journey, of dedication and self-compassion. Click here to Book a session today!

Dr. Andrea M. Garraway NCC, LCMHC-S, LCAS, CCS, ICAADC, ICCS

Counselor Educator, Psychotherapist, Author

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