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The Old Table Debate

Outside of sex, what do women bring to the table? This question comes around every few years and often sparks great debates. This is a good question to ask as modern roles for men and women are no longer fixed and separated. In times past the man’s value was measure by his career, finances, and social status. He was supposed to go out and earn money, as the provider. While women were supposed to stay home and take care of the kids, as the nurturer. This remains true in certain areas, but in today’s world, women are matching their counterparts and or taking the lead across industries and careers. Men are no longer the sole breadwinner or the most purpose-driven person in the household. There is a sense of shared responsibility, evolved thinking and being, that we ought to celebrate. Men are letting go of their rigid, one-dimensional masculine stance and are standing with women, supporting their independence. What is noticeable within this debate, however, is for women to assert their great contributions they are diminishing and insulting the men.

By what standard is he measured that validates his contributions to his household and community? How does a man know or determine his worth if his woman sees him as less?

I am here to tell you a man’s presence, his depth of awareness, depth of being, his connection to his God is his worth. His knowledge is sourced from his ancestorial bloodline.

This man is free. He is directed by his God and purposefully seeks wisdom. He is living his chosen way of life with deep integrity, confidence, and humor. He is sensitive, spontaneous, honest, sexual, yet embraces both his inner masculine and feminine poles. He knows he is a king and a servant leader. He is not afraid of his emotions nor is he afraid of the emotions of his woman, in-fact, he welcomes it. He believes the more information he has the better he can protect and provide. He is a wander who aims to discover the distant lands. He is not machismo but make no mistake he is not the stereotypical Nice Guy. He models his fairness and kindness from his God. As such, he treats his mother, woman, and children the way his God treats him. He expects the world to follow his lead respecting his women and is not afraid to function under the principles of Malcolm X, as a pose to Martin L. King. This man is old school yet modern which makes him sexy, fly, smooth. He is spiritually growing, with a spoken commitment to discovering and living his deepest truth. He is dedicated to leaving a legacy behind through his work and his incarnating love. He is continuously evolving and does not coward, or bully, but listen and cooperates.Men, countless individuals benefit from your living and loving.

May this knowledge serve as the liberation of your true value. How does a man know or determine his worth? He looks into the eyes of the woman who loves him. Together you reflect the greatness that is found in the two halves which makes the whole. 

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